Manbox Culture & Healthy Manhood

So what is Manbox culture
If you’ve ever heard phrases like “act like a man”, “man up”, “bros before hoes”, “real men don’t cry”, “you’re throwing like a girl” then you know Manbox culture. It’s the part of our culture that raises boys and men to believe that:

  1. The only emotion that “real men” can have is anger – no sadness, no fear, no tears;
  2. Men need to be in charge, have all the answers, be tough, never ask for help or directions;
  3. Women are of less value, for a man or boy to be called a woman or girl is an insult, and women’s value is based on their appearance – objectification.

This video helps paint a picture of Manbox culture (video contains some harsh language):

Manbox culture is one root cause to a number of societal problems including interpersonal violence, suicide and mental health problems, homophobia, and sexual assault & domestic violence.
At our 2014 Breakfast, we shared this “Manbox mask” with all attendees, and then asked them about what kind of boys and men they really wanted to be. The words they wrote on the back represent Healthy Manhood, and were made into this word cloud.  This is how we want to raise our boys & men.

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