Father’s Day Message

Below is a short message we shared on WHBY for Father’s Day.

Words from the PSA…

In June we celebrate Father’s Day and discuss manhood.  Conversations about manhood should start by talking about “Man Box culture”.   If you’ve ever heard phrases like “act like a man”, “man up”, or “you’re throwing like a girl”, you know Man Box culture.  We’re raising boys and men to believe three things:

  1. “Real men” don’t cry or have emotions … except anger.
  2. Men need to be strong and never ask for help.
  3. And women are of less value.

When we tell our boys to “act like a man”, that is what they hear.  When we instead speak of “healthy manhood”, boys hear a different message:  they can cry and show emotions, be loving and kind, ask for help, and value women and girls.

If we want to decrease societal problems such as school shootings, male suicide, homophobia, sexual assault and domestic violence, we need to end Man Box culture and start teaching Healthy Manhood.

My name is Shannon Kenevan representing Voices of Men, an organization that supports the work of Harbor House, Sexual Assault Crisis Center, Reach Counseling and Christine Ann Center in helping end sexual assault and domestic violence – and that’s a Fox Cities Viewpoint.


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